Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hate the terrorists,NOT MY CITY!

Written by,Bushra Khalid Syed
Hate the terrorists, NOT MY CITY!

Karachi is still, the city of lights!
Karachi this! Karachi that! Is it necessary to be a pessimistic every time? Is it necessary to just focus on the negative facet every time? Trust me, the city; Karachi is not JUST BAD as it is being portrayed every time!
The city ‘was’ and ‘is’ not unpleasant, these are the TERRORISTS and CRIMINALS who are being offensive to this beautiful city of lights! I don’t mean to blame any particular society for this concept, it’s just the general people who always love to make an issue over what we are suffering rather than being positive regarding what we have and what can be done to overcome the lacks and problems which we are suffering.
As said by Tom Cruise “When you have to cope with a lot of problems, you’re either going to sink or you’re going to swim”. Believe me; the Karachians are courageous enough to swim in the challenging sea no matter how high the waves are! Just like the ocean, their thoughts are deep and wide.
I accept, Karachi comes on the top when the subject is about the crimes and terrorism in Pakistan but, why blaming the whole of the Karachians in this regard. Comments like:” Oh! You Karachians are always ready to fight over everything!” And “Karachians are very impatient”etc, just make me feel like screaming!
Secondly, according to the researches Karachi also comes on top concerning the educational state in Pakistan. Besides this, the Karachians, other than those terrorists, are the friendliest and lively people in Pakistan. They are always full of energy and they are the one who understand the real reason of the existence in the best way. Trust me; they are the most helpful people I have ever seen. They know how to enjoy life and how to feel the every little happiness around, whenever they are given space to do so and yes! It would be rude not to mention that I have observed the Karachians as the most creative ones.
I remember my Aunt’s comments when she came to Karachi from Australia after 8 years:”Oh wow! Karachi has become more beautiful than before”. She couldn’t believe her eyes observing the striking flyovers, captivating Parks and gorgeous malls.
How can one ignore many vast and developing changes happening in Karachi? It’s still the bright city of lights; infact the people in this city are capable enough to make it a brighter city of lights, after all, the Karachians believe this fact that “The human spirit is stronger than anything that happens to it” (C.C Scott), these are just those terrorists who seem to be so much intended about converting Karachi into a dark city of broken lights!