Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bold and Beautiful

Having confidence in you counts a lot. Confidence allows you to interact with others easily. If you are confident enough you can always face any kind of challenges and activities in Life. Confidence lets you trust your decisions and yourself.
All these characteristics add the quality of boldness in you for sure. But, there is one more characteristic, a very specific one I must say. Before I go further, I want to you to be very obvious about it. I want you to be clear about the concept of beauty, at least for me. Being beautiful is not being skinny, tall and fair.Beauty is how you carry your physical features which God has gifted you. For me, being beautiful is having a good and neat personality. Being beautiful is having a good sense of dressing and a pleasant way of interacting with others.
Trust me; if you possess such qualities, you are the most beautiful person in the world. It’s really heartbreaking when I see an individual lacking confidence in him, just because he thinks he is not beautiful enough? You can’t always transform your basic features. You can’t always change your basic physical characteristics. What you can always change is your way of living, your personality and your inner self!
Stop crying for what you can’t be. Be happy and focus on what you can be.
You and Yourself
You should trust yourself before trusting others. To an extent, No one can guide you better than your own self. You should take out sometime for yourself out of your busy schedule. Look around you and relate it to your existence.
Colors, dresses, shoes, jewelleries and accessories have a great effect on your life. Observe your budget and go for your favorite ones. Trust me being beautiful is not expensive. Neither does it take much money.
Be confident. Be sure of who you are. Be sure of your morals, ethics and beliefs. Do not allow others to dictate your value. You should learn to Stand up for yourself! I have seen so many people today who allow others, life, family, and various situations over their sense of worth.
You should just be yourself. Be normal, ordinary, expected, and regular and do the things you would likely do. I don’t guess it’s that hard? Sometimes it could be. Maybe because you get worried about fitting in and being part of the in-crowd? Sometimes it is ok to stand alone. It is fine to be different that is what will complete your beauty and make it natural.
You should learn to accept yourself and realize the value of your existence. Life is not always about reaching others’ standard. It’s also about doing things for yourself and being yourself.
I am not asking you to be selfish. I want you to be better enough to help and face others. You should be in a best position to be satisfied with your ownself.Then only you would be able to satisfy others.
Feel Great!
It’s a fact, not everybody who admires fashion might be as skinny as a runway model. Unfortunately, most of the people feel intimidated by the rich fashion designs. These designs are often made for an ultra-thin consumer. Moreover, everywhere you turn there are ads, commercials, television shows and movies that feature a personality of a single body type. Every now and then, the messages that the media gives to the world regarding the ideal body type can be discouraging for the plus size individuals. However, being a bit healthy is not the end of the world in life or in fashion design.
To look great is just to know where and how to shop, and how to dress for your particular size and shape! All of us are beautiful in our own way. Especially those who know how to dress ourselves. Don't abuse yourself, by picking clothes that are too tight for you. This won't feel comfortable, instead you will appear as uncomfortable as you will feel. All of us can't be super models. That never means we have to hide ourselves in baggy clothes. Be more confident and enhance yourself. Just because you have got a plus size doesn't mean you can't look fabulous.
Fashion is not always about what’s inn, it’s mostly about what looks good on you. Learn to carry yourself in a smarter way and look great!
The Real Beauty
Beauty is not always about putting on makeup. Makeup does enhance our physical attributes but it doesn’t make us beautiful. Being beautiful is being confident and accepting yourself. You should embrace who you are and live a life that honors God. Your character traits, aspirations, and how your carry yourself build your true beauty. Be beautiful, be yourself! Embrace your personality.
I am sorry if you are putting all your efforts and hopes on your outer appearance. These physical attributes will not last forever. Your body changes as you get older. Real Beauty is your love for the people, your compassion, your passion for life, your grace and mercy, your smile, your laugh and the list goes on and on.

You need to observe yourself. Observe what needs to be change in you. If you think you should lose weight? Go for it. If you think you need some physical grooming? Go for it. If there is a possibility for a change, then go for it but, never lose your own self for it. Trust me, only you have got the tools to look bold and beautiful. Once you go through this change in yourself you will realize that you are gaining self confidence .You will feel better for who you are. So, don't hide, come out and prove that you are bold and beautiful!