Monday, June 27, 2011

The technology trends of 2011 and Social Media

Endorsement of products and brands and other different activities via social media are becoming very much active in the world. It’s a great revolution in the digital world.
According to a research firm, social media, cloud services and mobile devices are among the key transformative technologies that are moving into the mainstream.
However, it’s been expected that the total global IT would increase by nearly six per cent next year, by means of mobile and social technologies which have been considered as the great help to drive this.
It has also been mentioned in a research that the technologies are finally being integrated with each other, such as cloud with mobile, mobile with social networking, social networking with big data and real-time analytics. Besides that, according to a report presented by Ofcom, the UK is already giving more preference to the desktop PCs in favor of mobile devices.
Other than that, laptops are the most popular devices in Britain, where they are used to surf the internet at home, while the UK saw the uppermost development in Smartphone uptake last year.
As far as the super technology trends of 2011 are concerned, the trends of ‘Smart,’Cloud’,’Social’,’Open’ and ‘Hybrid’ are included in the topmost trends. They are driving IT research and development and the production of consumer electronic products in 2011.
"This year, the number of smart phone users in Korea reached 4 million, and the scope of smart devices was expanded from mobile phone and PC to TV, refrigerator, and automobile," said Samsung SDS in their 2011 IT Mega Trends report published on October 20.
It’s an undeniable fact that Smartphone and Mobile device technologies have been adopted by the consumers all around the world, at a higher rate. This has ultimately resulted in the development of Social networking services as well as location based marketing and social business. On the other side, through an Open Revolution, various ideas of a great number of ordinary people can be considered instead of just concentrating on the ideas of a small number of elites.
Old and New. It’s a fact that social media has been growing to a much greater extent in the past few years and thus, have left the more traditional marketing sectors behind. The combination of the old and new may well mark 2011 out as a defining moment in the record of social media.
It’s true that Social media has been a rising force in the business world for a number of years but, 2011 looks likely to be a more fundamental year.