Friday, May 7, 2010

Azme Alishan

Pakistan is at a crossroads, and I think we all know this in our hearts.

We travel abroad on business and switch on CNN, pick up Time magazine, listen to the BBC and the message is the same: that Pakistan is one of the world’s most dangerous countries. Images full of violence, anger, conflict.

It hurts. And of course there’s a truth in it too, which is painful to acknowledge.

But it isn’t our truth about Pakistan. Why are we allowing others to define who we are ? Where are the voices that... (read more)

That is what this campaign is all about: IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY TO SAY WHO WE ARE.

To reclaim a sense of our identity as Pakistanis, assert our values and what we stand for decide where were going in the next 70 years, and what kind of country we want to live in. And resolve to do something about it for ourselves individually and collectively.

It’s called Azm-e-Alishan (The Glorious Resolve), words from our national anthem which every Pakistani grows up with. Its time we thought about what they mean for us as individuals, and as a nation. What do we resolve?

This isn’t a big political statement or promise. The campaign is nothing to do with government or big business. It’s about us as a people, taking part in something together, renewing our faith in each other, rekindling the communal spirit that enabled the creation of Pakistan 70 years ago. Let’s get involved, speak up, and not sit on the sidelines.

Azm-e-Alishan draws on the spirit and values of the Lahore Resolution: struggle, sacrifice and dreams. It’s up to us to decide what our values are today, and look forward.

Because we know this, it’s no good complaining about our image in the world if were not prepared to do something about it. If we let others define who we are, if we don’t stand up for what we believe in, then we will begin to doubt ourselves, and lose our way. We risk becoming what they say we are.

Being proud to be Pakistani isn’t enough. Let’s look inside us each and every one of us, remember who we really are, and show them the real Pakistan. We are fighting for the soul of this country.
Azme Alishan. Azme Pakistan!