Thursday, June 24, 2010

'Manzare Pakistan',another activity of Azme Alishan

Azme Alishan (an energetic movement for the betterment of the country) has successfully arranged a national song competition, a cleanup drive, and even school activation with Faisal Qureshi. Many people have been participating with much interest and deep passion in all of the activities and this ultimately shows their love for Pakistan. Besides that, these activities are bringing up the feeling of being a true Pakistani and helping people to express their talent through a platform as well.

Now; Azme Alishan is coming up with an activity of blogging.
It’s indeed another great activity by Azme Alishan in which a blog called ‘Manzare Pakistan’ has been created. Anyone can upload his or her tributes, experiences and stories of Pakistan on the blog ‘Mazare Pakistan’.
I think it’s a great step as it will help everyone to observe the positive side of Pakistan. Through this blog, people and bloggers can share every good thing they want to share about Pakistan. They can share the stories they know, their experiences, a music piece, poetry, video or the pictures from the times of their grandparents etc.
I wish everyone would take an active part as this can make us a stronger and a more united nation.