Monday, October 24, 2011

Integration of Evidence-Based Practice into Professional Nursing Practice

The profession of nursing is considered as a sensitive
profession. Proper need of study and guidance are the prominent
factors before putting this profession into practice. Research
findings are expected to incorporate knowledgeably into such
professional practices. It has been found out that
health care organizations have began to create methods to
support the process of information translation towards a
professional nursing practice.
Previously, the term ‘evidence-based practice’ was known as
‘evidence-based medicine’. This was the result of the
identification of scientific evidence in clinical decision-
Various definitions of evidence-based practice have been
mentioned. According to a definition evidence-based practice
(EBP) is, ‘the practice of health care in which the practitioner
systematically finds, appraises, and uses the most current and
valid research findings as the basis for clinical decisions’
Five basic stages of the evidence-based practice:
There are five basic stages that must be completed prior to the
incorporation of evidence based practice into a final
The five stages are:
• The Question: The first stage is to recognize the need of a
new information. The need of this information has to be
transformed into an answerable question. It is must to take care
of the objectivity of an information.
• Finding the Evidence: The second stage in evidence based
practice is choosing the right evidence. It is of primary
importance as no mistake must be allowed in practical
• Appraisal: In order to determine the validity and potential
usefulness of evidence, there is a need of a critical
• Acting on Evidence: Once it has been concluded that the
evidence is of sound quality, one has to decide the
incorporation of the evidence into his clinical practice.
• Evaluation and Reflection: This is a fundamental part of
nursing practice. In evaluation and reflection, it is essential
to verify that whether the action taken has achieved the desire
The first stage is basically generates knowledge, where
information is discovered by a scientific inquiry and a
traditional research. This knowledge is then summarized and is
created into a useful and an informative data. This ultimately
leads towards more credible results. Then this evidence is
transformed into practical recommendations and integrated into

High quality of professional nursing care is a key factor in the
professional nursing practice. This factor is one of the basic
elements which holds a decisive tool regarding how a patient
must be taken care of. As far as the staff nurse is concerned,
it possess a critical linkage to bring research-based changed
into clinical practice.
Observing the environment, a health care organization has to
attentive and efficient regarding the application of research
findings, which related to the point-of-care deliverance.

A Clinical example for a professional evidence-based practice
Let’s take a clinical example to understand this factor more
As we know that infections can easily be spread on the hands of
healthcare workers.So, there is a need of proper hand hygiene
policy. As this policy might take minutes before entering a room
to deliver patient care. These minutes are very precious in a
busy hospital, where nurses care for many critically ill
patients. In order to save time, many hospitals have turned to
alcohol-based handrubs.These hand cleaners are being put closer
to patients.However, one might wonder if alcohol based hand rubs
which are placed inside the rooms of patients would help
increasing the incidence of hand washing and would lessen
nosocomial infection.
Different programs are taking steps for providing consumers
with a benchmark to determine the quality of care. According to
them, recognition of quality patient care, excellence in nursing
and innovation in professional nursing practice must highly be
kept under consideration.
Movements of evidence-based practice and the significant
assistances help nurses to improve research utilization. It is
very necessary for busy health professional to have a good
awareness regarding the latest researches and knowledge. This
would ultimately help them to take care of their patients in as
best way as possible.
Evidence-based medicine:
Main focus for the evidence-based medicine is the need for
medical practitioners to support their studies and activities on
the latest knowledge. The evidence-based practice acknowledges
the obstacles faced by busy practitioners and keeps them updated
with a healthy literature regarding health care. Besides
that, evidence-based practice emphasizes the need of a condensed
The rapid expansion of literature on evidence-based practice in
nursing must be observed actively and carefully. A growing
awareness has been observed in United states and much work has
already been started in the United Kingdom. Besides that,
Australia, New Zealand and some other countries, are taking
efforts for the required development of infrastructure of
evidence-based health care and nursing.
Life and health of a patient depends on the quality of care and
Nursing. Not a single space for any kind of mistake is allowed
in the profession of nursing. Evidence-based practice supports
this factor for the best possible outcomes for the health of a