Saturday, November 26, 2011

Conversation with Mr.Salih Demir Pazarci, Managing Director Pak-Turk Businessmen Association

He is a man who possesses the qualities of sincerity and passion towards his job. He always wishes for stronger trade relations between Turkey and Pakistan. According to Mr.Salih Demir,”The stronger interaction in business is bringing the two brotherly countries closer”.

1.Tell us something about your professional background?

I completed my MBA at University of Leicester in UK. Right now I am the Managing Director of Pak-Turk Businessmen Association.

2.How do you observe the Park-Turk business relations?

The Park-Turk business relations are going in a good direction. The stronger interaction in business is bringing the two brotherly countries closer. In order to expose the business communities of the two countries, Pak-Turk Businessmen PTBA has organised various bilateral business trips.
So far, with the help of PTBA’s customised business and trade organisations, a large number of Turkish businessmen and entrepreneur visited Pakistan and established business relations with Pakistan’s business and industry circles, and quite a large number of Pakistani leading businessmen and entrepreneurs also visited Turkey to be exposed to the opportunities that Turkey offers for international and regional trade.

3.What changes would you like to bring in the Park-Turk business relations?

I am looking forward for a more developed business relations between Pakistan and Turkey. Businessmen from Pakistan are very passionate and hardworking. I expect the business world of Pakistan to be more groomed with a strong hold.
We offer guidance for Pakistani businessmen. An educated and well qualified businessman is always given a priority everywhere.

4.According to you, which steps should be taken to improve the economic situation of Pakistan?

In order to improve the economic situation of Pakistan, it’s very necessary to control the overall situation of Pakistan. Besides; there is always a need of well educated and sincere person to improve the economic situation in Pakistan.

5.You showed great interest in building up schools in Karachi? Why do you think it was important to set up schools in Karachi?

We did it because we wanted to provide quality education. Turkish academic institutions provided quality education and lodged and boarded facilities to more than 5,000 students in 19 cities of Pakistan. More than 40 per cent of these students received full scholarships.

6.What is the reason behind the good economic situation in Turkey?

Good economic situation in Turkey is all because of the proper system there. I would say again that a good education plays a main role for a good economic situation. Besides that, awareness in people is another necessary tool.

7.How do you think, the current situation here is affecting the business of Pakistan?

A tough situation in any country ultimately gives a tough time to the business and economic situation of that country. Strikes, mishaps and political controversies create much disturbance and obstacles for the business world of Pakistan.

8.What is your suggestion to the new businessmen?

Give priority to a good education. Be aware of updates and everything around you and take the best you can from your experience. I have observed that many of the new businessmen, especially youngsters like to create short cuts in order to become a successful businessman. Try to avoid short cuts in the world of business as the world of business needs experience and quality.

9. How do you think that the Pak-Turk Businessmen Association is improving the trade relations between both the countries?

The Pak-Turk Businessman Association is playing a main role to improve the trade relations between Pakistan and Turkey. We offer guidance and maintain a list of contacts for Pakistani businessmen who wish to carry on business and trade relations with individual Turkish businessmen or with companies.

10. Your message to the readers?

Everyone has the potential to do something better for the country. You should make efforts for a better Pakistan. Youth should focus on education. Education and awareness should be brought up and maintained to do something better for Pakistan.


Vote for Faisal said...

I like you blog ,keep it up !
pakistani politician of islamabad

elifim ben said...

Looks like a teacher trying to make a bisiness in Pakistan, what he is talking about dont like that man at all sorry.

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