Monday, March 21, 2011

Digital Marketing in Pakistan

Digital Marketing in Pakistan

Promotion of products and brands via internet, mobile and other interactive channels is becoming very much active in the world. It’s a great revolution in the digital world.
Pakistan is also playing quite an effective role in this successful revolution. Pakistan has been successful in creating and developing such means which has boosted the digital marketing system in Pakistan. Some specific websites include Search Engines, Social Networking Websites, Shopping Websites/e-commerce Websites, Forums, Blogs, Corporate Websites and Web Directories, etc.
It has been found out that the Web and Mobile Marketing are the most productive marketing sources in the digital media.

Web Marketing in Pakistan

Web Marketing is also known by Online Marketing which ultimately points towards: Internet Marketing, Electronic Marketing, marketing and Online Research.
With websites like, Face book and Google, digital marketing in Pakistan has been increasing effectively. Marketing of products and brands through web marketing has made marketing easier and faster in the world of digital media.
In Web Marketing, the main features of market advertising are being used so that a response can be generated by the people. In this system, the creative as well as technical phase of the internet is being tied together which include design, development, advertising as well as marketing.

Mobile Marketing in Pakistan

Mobile and SMS marketing in Pakistan has introduced a new and active platform for digital marketing in Pakistan. Mobile has the highest recall rate in the world. Following that, Pakistan is also becoming a productive mobile marketer.
Companies spread messages to the receivers through different networks and thus, launch their specific product or brand in the market.
Due to the anti-spam law by PTA, small-time businesses that are using SMS for spamming different database of numbers are diminishing and there is an upward trend of usage of SMS short codes and relevant marketing with the support of ATL and BTL mediums.
In conclusion, the digital marketing medium is on the rise and has a phenomenal potential in Pakistan.