Sunday, May 13, 2012

From the Diary of a Care Taker; My Grand Parents, My Best Teachers

I take care of my grand parents with my Mother. They are growing older and weaker day by day and they need a full time care and assistance. I feel grateful to God for giving me this chance. Not everyone gets to spend a quality time with their Grand Parents.
I want to share my experience of taking care of my Grand Parents. I want others to know how it feels like to be one of the luckiest grand daughters who gets to learn a lot from her wonderful Grand Parents. It’s a challenging job for sure. This job needs time management, attention, patience and knowledge and this wouldn’t have been possible without the services of my Mother. I am here to share few guidelines on how one should look after old people.

Love in Expressions

This is one of the most important part to remember. Many times, old people can have this feeling that their burden is bothering your life. They could start feeling guilty or sad. You should never let them be the victim of such feelings. Show Love in your words and expressions. Tell them from time to time that you really Love them!

Be Patient

You may lose your patience at times. It’s natural. Remember one harsh remark can leave a deep hurting mark on one’s heart. Try to be patient towards old people and understand their state of mind.

Be Careful

Taking care of old people is not enough. You need to observe how you are taking care of them. Do follow proper guidelines before you regret. Someone is depending on you.

Understand their Feelings

It is also a very sensitive part. Old people mostly become sensitive, emotional or demanding. Learn to understand them and handle things in your best way. Stop getting irritated, this could hurt them.

Time Management

Try not to complain that you don’t get enough time for yourself. No one is asking you to end your life for anyone. This would never happen if you would manage your time well.

The list goes on and on but, I guess these main guidelines are enough as key elements for a care taker of old people. For me, my Grand Parents are my best teachers as I have learnt a lot from them. They are very different from people of other generation. They are full of feelings, experience, wisdom and knowledge. I feel like sitting with them forever and make the most of every single minute by their presence.
God Bless my Grand Parents!