Thursday, November 3, 2011

Interview: Ali Safina

He Loves to Move On!

He attracts his fans with his vivacious, pleasant and a friendly personality. With his captivating performance in Radio and Television, he has become a true heartthrob in the media industry of Pakistan. Enjoying Coffee with Ali Safina was an interesting experience. He is an easy person to get along with, who possesses a great sense of humor. A popular RJ, VJ, DJ, a great actor and a musician, Ali Safina has proved to be a versatile celebrity.

Q.Ali Safina is one of the most popular celebrities now, how did it all get started?

It’s been five years since I am in Karachi. Before that I was in Glasgow. I was born in Multan and then my family moved to Oman. I had been a DJ in Glasgow. I always had a great interest in Music. As for acting, I never realized that I have an acting talent as well. It just came out with the time and experience.
Radio had been something which I always wanted to do. Radio taught me how to speak. Radio had always been my passion. My first show on radio was ‘Desi Club’, in the year 2007.It was a very different kind of show and everyone appreciated me a lot. I used to play hip hop urban songs with a Punjabi touch. I used to produce a remix version of songs with a Punjabi touch which listeners used to enjoy a lot. I had a great time presenting my shows on FM 89 and FM 96.In 2008 I got a chance of being aVJ on MTV.The role of ‘Taaka’ in ‘Taakay Ki Ayegy Baraat’ gave me a lot of fame in Television. I got nominated in the category of ‘Best RJ’ in Pakistan Media Awards, which was an honor for me.
I was having a good time with my Radio and Music programs on TV until I discovered my acting talent. I also enjoy acting a lot now.

Q.What type of show did you use to do in Glasgow?

In Glasgow, I was the DJ in Awaz FM 107.2, the only Asian radio station there at that time. This show could be heard in UK, Canada, US and Pakistan. I used to play regional music on my show. Besides that, I used to play underground music from Pakistan in my show, which seemed to be very different and interesting for my listeners.

Q.What made you move from Glasgow to Karachi?

I wanted to do something on my own and achieve my goals.Whatever, I had in Glasgow, that was great but, I was not satisfied as it was not being achieved by me. I wanted to progress and fulfill my desires and interests. I wanted to achieve my visions and do the work which satisfies me. I wanted to do things at my own responsibility. I discovered my path after joining Radio in Karachi.
I got the chance to be on MTV after auditions and that made me happy as I was on my way to achieve my goals without source.

Q.You have got a great fame as a RJ, DJ, VJ and Actor. Which job will you consider as your favorite one?

I think all of them.Basically, Radio had always been my passion and I have learned a lot from Radio but, each field keeps its very own importance.

Q.With whom did you enjoy working the most up till now?

I had a good time with almost all of my Co-Workers. I guess I am good at judging one’s attitude and I know how to deal with each personality.

Q.What do you think are the key points behind a good acting?

Acting is a very creative field. Good acting needs a lot of hard work and determination. While one is acting he/she has to forget whoever he/she is. Acting is to cover your personality with the role you are given, and then only an actor would be able to give a good result.

Q.What’s your opinion about the entertainment industry of Pakistan?

Our entertainment industry is moving towards a good direction. Like other industries, it does need improvements but it is doing a good job. We have got a lot of talent. I think it will be better if our media industry promotes our own talent and people more instead of outsiders.

Q.Do you think it’s good to have a good education before being a part of the media industry?

Of course it is. One can’t achieve his vision without a proper education. Education builds up your personality. If you are educated and a hard worker then nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Q.Any plans to get married?

Why not, I think everyone should get married one day.InshaAllah I will also get married; I am just waiting for the right time.

Q.What are your plans for future?

I am looking forward for many things, these days I am busy in shootings of a drama and have just got over with some projects. However, as a musician, I believe that there is still a lot to learn.

Q.How does it feel like to be a popular RJ, with a large number of fans?

It feels great of course. As Radio has always been my passion so I feel good about my place in this field. I have learnt a lot from Radio. I love my fans and I love talking to them.

Q.What message would you like to give to the Youth of Pakistan?

(Smiling) I guess I am no one to give message to the Youth of Pakistan.Still; I would like to say that this time is one of the best times. One shouldn’t waste this phase and should try to get the best from this period. Whatever you will achieve in this period, will be helpful for you in future.

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