Saturday, October 29, 2011

Love, the Facebook Style

Love has always been considered as one of the most sensitive emotions of the world. It has a great connection with feelings and mood. In each era, Lovers have been expressing their feelings concerning love in their possible way.
Facebook has become one of the most active social networking sites in the world.Facebook users must be thankful to the founder of facebook, Mark Zukerberg, who was being named as Time’s Person of the year 2010.He came up with the idea of facebook while he was studying at Harvard. By introducing sites like facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has played a prominent role in bringing a revolution towards the world of Internet.
Among many others, this revolution in internet has become a great help towards love and relationships.
It would be fun to mention that now Lovers have found an effective way to express their feelings and moods, especially those who really want others to know about their emotions. Let’s have a look at some exclusive styles of Love on facebook.
The sensation of Love:
As we watch TV and read in books, a person in love and his expressions and feelings do attract our attention. In the same way, a lover loves to share his new sensation of love on facebook, keeping his friends’ attention to his profile, specially ‘Status Updates’. Status like ‘Love is in the air’,’ my heart beats faster now’,’ what’s with this feeling in my heart’ or lyrics from any romantic song and their links and videos are greatly being shared by the lovers of 21st century, when they are in Love!
If that special someone is in the lover’s friend’s list, he would seem to be a regular user of the applications like ‘Friend of the day’ and ‘Who will you date today?’
Love me, Love me not:
What if there are doubts from the person the lover loves? He might capture the attention of others through his confused and disputed expressions on facebook.If the other person doesn’t love back, the lover fills his and his friends’ walls with broken heart songs and links and status updates. Applications like ‘What’s your mood today’, are also actively being used during such situations.
The newly committed couples, either married, engaged or committed through true promises mostly waste no time in changing their relationship status from single to committed or married. Some uneasy users do use cartoon psychics and compatibility calculators to satisfy the new relationships while others happily start sharing their happy moods and seem to be interested towards the Love quizzes. They also seem to be more interested towards daily ‘Love Horoscopes’.
The lovely honeymoon couples:
The couples, deeply in Love, greatly enjoy their honeymoon period through facebook as well. They leave no chance in filling each other’s walls with lovely messages. They become more interested towards applications like ‘How deep is your love today’.
Above all, they upload albums and pictures of their lovely time with each other.
The conflicts:
The conflicts are no more limited to face to face arguments, crying on phones or thinking too much while sitting alone. In today’s world, facebook has become an active source of ‘Personal wars in public’, Lovers have no problem in arguing with each other on facebook, Infact, they prefer it a great platform where they would find an ultimate solution to their misunderstandings. Status war has become a favorite way to fight for lovers. They love to bother and tease each other while letting their friends enjoy their loving conflicts.
Many times while using the walls of mutual friends, a person gives indirect messages to his partner, allowing others to interfere and have fun by the war of love birds.
Misunderstandings, Fights and Doubts:
It’s a very specific issue. The lovers do face different kinds of misunderstandings on facebook.Sometimes a female misunderstands the conversation between her lover and his friend while on the other side, the guy becomes possessive for his companion. Most of the times, applications like ‘Your top fans’, do envy a lover when he doesn’t find his name on the top.
Facebook has now become a good friend of the one with broken relationship. The heart break kid now finds facebook a great site to pass time and share his feelings by sharing sad songs.

Since years, the process of finding matches via internet has become prominent; a great number of people are getting themselves committed through facebook. Not everyone gets deceived, if they like someone and are all ready to have a relationship with a person, they find their own way to get information about that special someone through mutual friends or other possible ways.
The future of relationships on facebook is both risky as well as precious, depending completely on an individual as it fully depends on a person that to what extent he allows others to know about his personal life.

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