Monday, May 21, 2012

Journey Towards Maturation

Many times at a certain stage of our life, we pass through very challenging phases. Those incidents sure do direct us to a particular phenomenon and thus allow us to visualize the reality of our existence.

Presently taking care of my domestic issues I sure can examine that how going back to school has matured me. Life has taken a new turn, very much demanding I may say, a turn full of guiding keys which I gained through my mistakes, hardships and other experiences.

I can feel the tough world around me, the world which is full of obstacles. While looking after my family and an elderly relative I know I have to be a discipline person facing all the complications with courage. I must envision my talent. I should make the most use of it and should hold the rope of maturity more firmly. God has not sent anyone empty-handed being more understanding regarding many circumstances I must value a famous saying by Mike Price:More people have talent than discipline. That’s why discipline pays better.

That’s just one of the many things which I am learning. There is just so much to say, so much to express, I am just hanging by the moment!

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passing the harsh times and coming over the challenges laid by life moves you closer towards maturation. Only mature people know how to deal effectively with life matters.