Thursday, March 6, 2008

Victims Of Life

Written by,Bushra Syed


You may have heard the sentence "Victims of death”, Have you ever considered who actually the victim of life is? Yes! We all are 'Victims of life'.

Considering the situation we are passing through,’ Victim' is the perfect word. People in the 21st century are classic example of being victims of tension and worries. The developing world is putting us more under troubles day by day. No one is satisfied with his or her life and almost every one is suffering from some kind of problem.

On the other hand being a victim of today’s life is advantageous as it's an ultimate result of the competition among people but the specific output is hypertension.
Every one wants more than what they have, having lost the proportion and benefits of contentment. The very thought of getting whatever is desired (Not needed) is not right! Struggling for snatching more is not considered ethical and is not right. It is rather immoral.

We may struggle for going ahead in regard to a more established community but the world today is just falling into confusion and prey of their own desire.
Problems of jobs, domestic problems and personal matters, today, life as a whole has itself become a serious problem for the people.

It would not be problem if we just try to handle things in a proper way.
I know that today's world is a tough one but, that's the way it is, so be strong and confident and try to find a solution for everything rather than just being a worry-wart!. Above all, try your best to solve your problem and leave everything on God. God does test his human beings but he never puts that much burden on his human-beings, which they can't endure.

We should try to sort out by trying to strike a balance between what we want and what is needed.Now,a days suicide has become very common, due to indecisive state of mind to distinguish between what is “Wanted” and what is “Needed”.

What's all this? It’s just because life has become a burden for us. Life is a blessing from God, it was never a burden. We all must think over it, why are we becoming the victims of life? We should be the best part of life. Life is a precious gift from God; we should realize its value.
Living is one’s right and if you exist then your rights do exist!
Don’t loose hopes even if u looses something, try your best to reach your goal.
The appropriate saying is
“Keep your feet firmly on the ground and look for the stars” Do not let yourself be the 'Victims of Life'.

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